Dwarf Fortress: Hospitals Guide

Time to learn more about hospitals in Dwarf Fortress. Check out this guide!

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Dwarf Fortress is a complex strategy game where you get to build your dwarf colony. In this colony, you will get to grow children, teach them to learn new skills, and improve their survival instincts. You need to prepare yourself for future attacks and defend your fortress well. That is where the stairs take part in this scenario!

In this guide, you will see how you can use the Hospitals in Dwarf Fortress.

Hospitals Guide – Dwarf Fortress

Hospitals are one of the more important builds for Dwarf Fortress. Your dwarfs will get hurt as they do some important tasks. These injuries can only be healed whenever you have a hospital.

To make a perfectly suited hospital, you need to dig a big area which will be a room dedicated only for a hospital.

The best place to place a hospital is somewhere where most of your dwarfs are located and can have easy access into that room. Try to build a hospital next to bedrooms and storage areas.

Once you have set up the perfect room for your hospital, you will need to create a Traction Bench.

The next step for you to do is place down some beds in that room as well as a chest. The beds will help all the dwarves rest and inside the chest, you will store the cloth and threads which are used as bandages and stitching up wounds.

Finish your room by placing a table inside which will act as a place to put injured dwarves on.

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Select the whole room and transform it into a meeting area. Assign that zone as a New Hospital so the dwarves know that this is a hospital now and can start healing the injured.

Once you have your hospital fully loaded up, you need a Chief Medical Dwarf. You can select a Chief Medical Dwarf by going into the Nobles and administrators tab (Found by pressing N).

Go back to the spyglass where you will find the required items you need inside your little hospital to make sure that its working at full capacity.

And that is all you need to know about making a fully operating a hospital in Dwarf Fortress. Good luck now little dwarves and stay healthy!

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