Dwarf Fortress: How To Build Bedrooms

Check out this quick tutorial on how to build bedrooms in Dwarf Fortress!

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In Dwarf Fortress, bedrooms are essential to provide a place for dwarves to sleep. While you can just build bedrooms and set them as dormitories, dwarves actually prefer individual bedrooms for each one of them.

This guide will show you how to build and setup the best bedroom in Dwarf Fortress.

How To Build Bedrooms – Dwarf Fortress

In this guide, we will show you how to build a bunch of bedrooms all at once. First, you need to dig out a bedroom. The ideal one has a cabinet for the clothes, a chest for tools and items, and a bed for the dwarves to sleep on. Weapon racks or armor stands are optional.

You can make the room to be as simple as 4×4 in size with an extension of block for a door. Doors can also work diagonally so there is no need to do a strict horizontal or vertical block arrangement.

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To create the space for the room, click the mining tool and dig into the mountains. Make sure to make a couple of these squares to create multiple rooms.

Once you have set the space for the mining tool, you can now un-pause the game in order for the dwarves to start mining.

The next step is to smoothen the walls by clicking the tool below. Select all the areas that have been dug out to begin smoothing them.

Once the rooms have been smoothened out, you then click the build option and start putting in some furniture.

To add the same furniture to a lot of rooms, you can toggle Keep building after placement. In the same you that you added the furniture, you also need to add doors.

After all the furniture has been set, the dwarves will then start bringing in the furniture to the area where you set it.

After setting up these bedrooms, you now need to set up a zone for the rooms to be assigned as bedrooms. All you need to do is click Zone and then select Bedroom then select Multi to convert multiple rooms to a bedroom. Once assigned, dwarves will then assign themselves to these bedrooms.

And that’s how you build bedrooms in Dwarf Fortress!

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