Dwarf Fortress: Ramps Guide

Check this guide and learn more about Ramps in Dwarf Fortress!

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Dwarf Fortress is a newly released simulation strategy RPG in which you have to build a fortress for your dwarves and help them survive in the deeply generated world. It is a complex construction-management roguelike simulation with plenty of unique challenges. As you are building your fortress, you will have to know how to build and use the ramps, which give you access to another area of your fortress.

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about Ramps in Dwarf Fortress!

Ramps Guide – Dwarf Fortress

Ramps are a way that you get from one level to another, similar to the way stairs work except in stairs you go vertically, and in ramps, you go horizontally.

The maps that you spawn into the indoor fortress are going to automatically be full of ramps everywhere and you can see them everywhere, but constructing them can be a little bit tricky.

If you want to build a ramp, go to construct by going to the build menu, then go to Constructions followed by ramps.

Have to know that the ramps go in the direction that the wall that they’re leaning against. To construct a ramp on the flat edge of a wall, you have to place two pieces of chalk and then simply wait for the dwarves to come and construct them.

By pressing “R” on your keyboard, you can turn on or off the beautiful little overlays for the more traditional ramp style.

Once the ramp is done, you can see that the ramp is sliding down which means it is connected to the walkway going to the other level and giving your dwarves another way to the fortress.

This is also very useful for the caravans to access your fortress because they can use only ramps to get to the other level of your fortress.

It’s very important to know that you can channel and dig a ramp, which are two different tools with two different uses.

Channels are kind of like digging out the layer beneath you with a ramp going down to it, so you can channel down. With this tool, you can get a line of ramps that are going down.

You can simply go down a layer and then dig directly underneath where the ramps are going to end up.

Once the miners are there, they’re going to channel down the ramp by removing the layer above it and going down to the lower layer. When you are on the lower level, you can see the ramps are appearing and by pressing “R” you can show the overlay.

Now that you are underground, click on the mining tool again and you can dig a ramp back up on the other side.

This is going to give you access to the higher level in the direction where the ramps are built.

That’s it! Now you could try and build plenty of ramps that will give you access to each area of your fortress.

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