Dwarf Fortress: Stairs Guide

Check out this guide to learn more about stairs in Dwarf Fortress!

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Dwarf Fortress is a complex strategy game where you get to build your dwarf colony. In this colony, you will get to grow children, teach them to learn new skills, and improve their survival instincts. You need to prepare yourself for future attacks and defend your fortress well.

This guide will show you more about stairs in Dwarf Fortress.

Stairs Guide – Dwarf Fortress

There are two types of stairs that you need to know in Dwarf Fortress, they are:

  • Designated Stairs
  • Constructing Stairs

Designated Stairs are stairs that are carved out of solid rocks, dirt, or even stone.

The Constructing Stairs are stairs that are more durable, these stairs can be made out of rocks, blocks, and wood.

To set up your stairs, you need to select the little pickaxe icon in your menu where you will find a set of stairs that you can press.

This will allow you to dig a stairwell up on the current level you are at. Which will allow you to go through different elevations.

To build them, you need to find the exact block where you want to place the stairwell and scroll down with your mouse wheel where you will go down a few Z levels.

To continue digging even deeper, scroll down to the elevation level that your current staircase is and continue selecting even deeper levels from there.

(Once your dwarf has completed digging of course.)

If you want to make constructed stairs, you need to click on your build button and go into the Constructions tab.

These stairs can be built up and take you to higher Z levels, or higher elevation levels.

Simply repeat the same process as the designated stairs but this time scroll up to go to higher parts of your area and start climbing.

We hope this guide helped you figure out what you can do with the stairs in Dwarf Fortress. Good luck and have fun with your future builds!

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