It’s time to learn how to Build Tavern in Dwarf Fortress!

Dwarf Fortress is a newly released simulation strategy RPG in which you have to build a fortress for your dwarves and help them survive in the deeply generated world. It is a complex construction-management roguelike simulation with plenty of unique challenges. There are different types of buildings that are important for the needs of your dwarfs, and the Tavern is one of the buildings you will want to build.

In this guide, we will show you everything about Tavern in Dwarf Fortress!

Tavern Guide – Dwarf Fortress

In Dwarf Fortress, one thing that is very crucial for Dwarven survival is intoxication, and it is best provided by a Tavern filled with food and various other glorious accouterments.

To build the Tavern, you will need a designated small area, enough for some dancing as well as general activities that you would have in a Tavern. Optionally, you can also attach a small room on the side and fill it up with beds, and use it as a dormitory for any interesting visitors who wish to stay for an extended period of time.

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When you build the Tavern, you will want it to be big enough so they will be able to dance and make Mary and do the sort of things you would do in a Tavern.

You will also need to supply it with alcohol which can be constructed in the food stockpile.

First of all, select all the areas of the Tavern, and set it to be smoothed before you are able to build anything there.

If you want to put some beds in the dormitory area, you can navigate to the construction menu, and then in the furniture section can select the bed.

You will have to click on any tile to place the bed, but make sure on the notification on the left top corner of your screen to click “Keep building after placement”.

Once you are done, you can assign the area as a dormitory and it will be connected to the main area which is going to be used as a Tavern. Don’t forget to place a door on your Tavern so the dwarfs will be able to enter.

The next very important things to place in the Tavern are tables and chairs, and you can also choose them from the furniture menu, but make sure not to place them in a very tight spot. It’s best to place the on the side of the room.

Another important thing is the coffer because that’s where the mugs are kept. Also, don’t forget to place the stockpile which is the main place to supply food and drinks. However, the stockpile can be customized on which supplies to have.

Once you have set up almost everything in the Tavern area, you will have to select the area, and then make it as a meeting area. There will be a few options where you have to select “New inn/Tavern”.

The Tavern will has its own random name, but you can also rename it in whatever you want.

Now, once you have the tavern created, you will have to do the same with the dormitory area. Just select the area, and then click the small “+” icon where you can assign a new or existing location to the zone.

With this, your Tavern will be connected do the Tavern, and your visitors will be able to enter and enjoy it anytime.

Another thing that you can set up in your Tavern is to select the people that are allowed to select your Tavern.

This is something that you want to make sure that you’re aware of if you don’t want visitors, like criminals and thieves that might sneak inside your fortress and steal your things.

You can select “All visitors welcome”, or “Citizens and long-term residents only”, or “Citizens only”.

There are also more things to customize such as goblets and stored instruments. You can also choose a Tavern Keeper who will be in charge of the safety of the Tavern.

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