Dwarf Fortress: Temples Guide

Check out this guide and learn about Temples in Dwarf Fortress!

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Dwarf Fortress is a newly released simulation strategy RPG in which you have to build a fortress for your dwarves and help them survive in the deeply generated world. It is a complex construction-management roguelike simulation with plenty of unique challenges. Temples are a very important part of the game because it’s the only place where your dwarfs can relax, pray and meditate.

In this guide, we will show you everything about Temples in Dwarf Fortress!

Temples Guide – Dwarf Fortress

Temples are buildings that can be used by the dwarfs to go relax and spend time together, and also pray to their gods. Unfortunately, most of the players are overthinking about them, but it’s a Zone just like Taverns and other things.

If you want to build it, you need to take space for it small or big as you like. You can make it with a nice rounded off edge just not being like a boring square.

The dwarfs will come and start digging the area and smoothing the floors because you won’t like rocky stubbly floors.

Because there are many gods in any Dwarven society, you have to select one or you can go with a generic Temple. However, it is recommended to make one Temple for everything and then over time open it up to more gods as they become requested.

Temples are a modular thing and don’t require any specific furniture. First of all, you have to place a door onto the outside of it just to look like a room or a space.

Just press “B” on the keyboard or click on the build menu., and then click on doors and hatches and grab yourself a door.

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Once everything is dug out and the field is smooth, you can construct an altar. It can be found under the construction menu, in the furniture, and then just select Offering Place.

Once it’s selected, you can place it anywhere in the area you like.

The rest of the construction of your temple is going to be done within the Zone screen. There are certain instances where you may need to increase the value of these zones, but because this is a temple, you are just building of your own accord and not one that is demanded by your citizens.

Go to Zones, and click on the meeting area. Click and drag on the area where your temple is and fill the entire spot with the meeting area.

Once this is done, select what you want the meeting area to be. By clicking on “New Temple”, you will need to assign one of the gods from the list. You should select “No Specific Deity” for everybody where anybody can go and worship at any time.

If you want to set details for specific rules with your temple, you can select if you want to allow visitors to visit the temple or citizens only.

There are also some interesting additions to your temple, and you can add anything from musical instruments to coffers and chests to store items in, and also various other pieces of furniture like chairs and tables, and food even if you want.

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