Dwarf Fortress: Trading Guide

Check this guide out for a quick tutorial on trading in Dwarf Fortress!

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Trading is one way to generate income for your fortress. One of the most basic things that you need to build in Dwarf Fortress is a Trading Depot where all trades are made.

In this guide, we will show you how to trade in Dwarf Fortress!

Trading Guide – Dwarf Fortress

As previously mentioned, you will need to build a Trading Depot. It can be found just below the Build Menu and can be placed anywhere in the fortress.

Do note that as the game progresses, traders will start to bring in large wagons of goods for trading which will require a wider space.

However, in the early game, you can put your Trading Depot inside to protect it from threats.

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At some point, elves will arrive at the Trading Depot with the interest of trading. To start trading, click on the Nobles screen, and assign a broker to your trading depot. Although it is not required, assigning a broker will help maintain a good trading price and will improve the dwarf’s negotiation skills.

Second major thing is to move goods to and from the depot. This will make the dwarves transfer all the goods that will be traded to the depot and take the exchanged goods from the depot to where they will be used. Once all the goods have arrived, trading will commence.

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