Dying Light 2: 4X Night Chase Bonus XP Weekend Event

Check the 4x Night Chase Bonus in Dying Light 2!

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This weekend Dying Light 2 has a bonus for the night chase and is very got to use, especially for those who haven’t reached the higher levels. This will help you to get alt the XP you are missing and your progression in the game will be noticed right after. Get yourself prepared this event will be active from 26 to 30 May.

Dying Light 2: 4X Night Chase Bonus XP Weekend Event

For players who have already reached level 9, this event will be pointless and give no bonuses.

Starting from the XP farming location go down and start the chase and you will automatically receive the 4X bonus.

Every other chase in different levels will get you a higher bonus. After starting the chase in level 4 you will receive a 7X night bonus and you can keep getting as much XP as you want.

So prepare yourself to increase your XP and use this bonus to support your game character and make some progression.

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