Check out this legendary weapon farming guide for Dying Light 2!

There are several legendary weapons in Dying Light 2. With the newest update of the game, a bunch of new side quests and legendary weapons have been added. To get these weapons, you will need to complete a series of events and gain achievements.

This guide will show you how you can farm great Legendary Weapons in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2: Best Legendary Weapon Farm Guide

Goon Smasher

This Legendary Weapon has been added to the game with the recent update, you will need to complete a side quest called “Something Big Has Been Here”.

The quest is split into 5 different parts, upon completing part 4, you will simply need to go to any stash location and select the “Extras” menu, and there you will be able to find the Goon Smasher.

Every 10 in-game hours, you are able to obtain a Goon Smasher and equip it.

This legendary weapon is great if you want to start a fresh new game and it will help you in those early mob fights. For late game, the weapon is not that strong.

Enso Katana & Reliable Axe

These two legendary weapons can be obtained through exploring the maps and finding these high-tier mobs that have yellow markers on them. They are usually spawned in groups and are protecting an area.

Once you kill all the bandits, you can go to the yellow locked chest, which is hard to picklock, and inside you will have a chance to obtain these legendary weapons.

You can find multiple areas with bandits guarding the place, kill them and you will be able to constantly farm these legendary weapons.

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