Dying Light 2: Blood Spot on Map Guide

Check out this guide to figure out what's up with the blood spot that appears on your map in Dying Light 2.

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Dying Light 2 has gotten a very new update that has fixed a lot of the previous problems that it had. Sometimes though, you will get a weird blood spot on your map.

In this guide, we will be talking about and unraveling what does the Blood Spot on the Map mean and what you are able to do with it. Let’s get started.

Blood Spot on Map Guide – Dying Light 2

You might be playing Dying Light and everything will be going okay. You are following the path that leads to finishing a quest and then out of nowhere you spot this Blood Spot on your map.

This is something that you will want to uncover.

Go to the BLood Spot that just appeared on your map and you will find out that it is a GRE building. You can get inside through the entrance with a GRE key.

As you go inside you will need to go lower and lower inside this building, You will be getting tons of enemies that you will be needing to deal with in order to progress through it.

As you go lower you can check on the map again and actually see that the Blood Spot will now be actually black color instead of red.

Once this happens you will need to keep going lower and lower and you’ll discover bloody footprints. These will lead you to a body that has dog tags.

There will be in total 3 bodies with these dog tags. Once you collect them all the Blood Spot will disappear.

It seems like these dog tags might be connected to a quest that is linked to the red spot on your map. You will want to go to them and actually pick all of them up.

It is just for a Dog Tags sidequest that you will need to complete.

That is it! We hope that this guide has provided you with the answers that you had about the Blood Spot on your map. Have fun solving it!

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