Dying Light 2: Community Event Details

In The Footsteps Of A Nightrunner - Launch Event

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Dying Light 2 is not your average zombie silent and scary horror game. In here you are a parkour master with a plethora of ways of destroying everything that is in your way. Every once in a while there are very fun and interesting Community Events that add flavor to the game.

Here we will go over the newest Community Event – In The Footsteps Of A Nightrunner and see what is it about. Let’s get started.

Community Event Details – Dying Light 2

There is a new community event that just got launched yesterday(14 June 2022). It is called ,,In the footsteps of a Nightrunner’’. It is a Launch Event that is at the very early start of the released game making all of the community fans very excited.

In Dying Light 1 they were more than interesting to play as, and now we are getting them back! As for the Event Goals, this is what you’ll have to do:

  • Participation Goal – Collect at least 1 mutation sample
  • Personal Goal – Collect 5000 mutation samples
  • Global Goal – Band together with the community and collect 80.000.000 mutation samples

Each of these finished goals will reward with Harper Tokens.

Very important to know is that you will actually have to participate and kind of get the rewards from the event while in-game. Upon completion of these goals you will have to head to the official TechlandGG website, and here sign in and claim your rewards.

This Event will go on until the 20th of June and players have been more than active getting tons of mutations already.. So go ahead and make sure to make the most out of it! Have fun!

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