Check out this guide to figure out how you can fully complete Harper’s Regular Mission in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 is a game that is packed with different events and missions. The Harper’s Regular Mission in this game that can help you get wonderful rewards, these missions were added with the newest update of the game that can be really good for obtaining more rewards and becoming stronger in this game.

This guide will show you how to complete the Harper’s Regular mission in Dying Light 2.

Harper’s Regular Mission Guide – Dying Light 2

To start working on this mission properly, you will need a bunch of lockpicks that can help you open up different chests and doors. Get the lockpick skill to at least medium level to work on it better.

Once you start the mission, you will have a timer of 5 minutes that you must beat. As you pass through the first hole of the area, get a crossbow to shoot out all the monsters and don’t get hurt in the process.

Follow the path and jump in the hole that will be in front of you. Run to the room pointed on the map until you reach a double white door. You can also throw purple UV lights to stun the zombies and pass the area safer.

Break the lock on the double wooden door and close it once you enter the next room, continue following the path, the next bigger room that you enter, you want to throw a UV light inside and brighten things up so that zombies will be stunned.

Once you enter this room, you will need to kill a few zombies to make it to the next room. After the zombies, you will have a wooden door that you need to move and follow down the stairs and get to the lower floor.

When you get to the lower floor, make the first right, and follow the path until you reach a big group of zombies.

Throw a purple UV light here, you will need to as there will be a bigger wooden shelf that you need to move and grant yourself passage to the next area.

When you open this area, you will find yourself in a giant room that is filled with different broken-down rooms and lava on the ground. Follow this exact path to be most efficient in your run.

Go through the hole in the wall and toss a UV bar there as well to dodge a few zombies. Make a right after the hole and go up the wall.

Simply follow the path until you make your drop. On the drop, you will need to take the left and break down a wooden barricade. Breaking the barricade will grant you access to the next room.

Enter the bigger room filled with zombies, throw a UV light here to make things much easier.

In this room you will find the demolisher, simply defeat the Demolisher to complete the mission successfully.

And just like that, you can easily complete the mission without worrying too much about monsters and the timer will be something that you won’t need to worry about.

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