Should You Help Frank or Go For the Truck in Dying Light 2!

There are many decisions Aiden will have to make in Dying Light as you meet the people of Villedor, but some of them might change the story of the game. At the end of Dying Light 2, Frank is struck by an arrow during the meeting with the Renegades where you have to make an important choice, either choose to stay and help Frank or go for the truck that is heading to the Renegades’ base.

In this guide, we will tell you the difference if You Help Frank or Go For the Truck in Dying Light 2!

Help Frank or Go For the Truck? – Dying Light 2

During the final mission of the game, Breakthrough, you will come to a point where you have to make an important decision. Frank will be shot with a poisoned arrow at the meeting with Renegades, and this meeting will happen only if you give Frank control of the radio transmitter in the game.

The choices here are very clear. You can either help Frank with the medical attention that he needs, or you can leave him to die and chase the truck going to the base.

How would you naturally react to this decision should be to stay and help Frank, but both choices have a different path in the end story of the game. To find out what happens with each decision, check it out below.

Help Frank

If you decide to stay and help Frank, you will discover that Frank is struck with a poisoned arrow, then you will run to find Margaret the healer, from the Aitor side quest.

She will tell you to find some herbs to heal Frank, and also some information about the poison itself.

Once you collect all the herbs, you will go back to Frank and heal him. After that, you can still follow the truck. With this option, you can save Frank and you will not lose the truck, which is the best decision if you want the best ending of Dying Light 2.

Go For the Truck

If you decide to chase the truck, you will skip the section with Frank, and you will directly go to follow the truck. While you are running after the truck, you will get a call from Jack Matt who will inform you that Frank has died, which means if you go for this decision Frank will die in the game story.