Dying Light 2: How to get Avery’s map When Quest Is not Spawned

You can find Avery’s map without the main story quest spawning for you. Check it out!

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Avery’s Map is an artifact item that was only obtainable if you were doing the main story quest. With the recent update, Avery’s Map can be found in a specific location without having the quest taken. Your job is to simply go to that location and obtain the map.

This guide will show you how to obtain Avery’s Map even if the quest didn’t spawn in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2: How to get Avery’s map When Quest Is not Spawned

The Avery’s Map mission needs to spawn for you in your quests log. With it, you are supposed to get a marked area where to look and obtain it.

In order to get the without a quest, you need to go to the south part of the Downtown area and get on top of a building in this specific area.

When you get here. Get on this specific level of the red building and enter this broken window entrance.

When you get inside, stick to the left side of the wall and continue walking forward. In the first room that you enter, you will find Avery’s map on a table.

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