Dying Light 2: Legendary Weapon Farm After Patch 1.6

New patch, new ways to get weapons. Learn how to farm legendary weapons after Patch 1.6 in Dying Light 2.

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human is the second installation in the Dying Light franchise. In this game, the virus had won and civilization has fallen back to the Dark Ages. As a member of one of the last human settlements called The City, you will use combat skills to survive and save the world from collapse.

The latest update in this game is Patch 1.6.0 where you have to focus on tracking and hunting your prey. That is why acquiring new ranged weapons is the meta in this patch.

This guide will show you how to farm legendary weapons in Patch 1.6 in Dying Light 2.

Legendary Weapon Farm After Patch 1.6 – Dying Light 2

Legendary Renegades

The first way is to use the Legendary Renegade encounters during the day. Normally, you could also use the night encounters with the special infected but we would not recommend that for this guide since there have been some bugs and they don’t drop any rewards.

We will just focus on the daytime legendaries.

To farm them, head right over to Trinity District specifically at Cillian’s safehouse. Between Cillian’s safe house, the Alder Windmill and Bizarre District is where they spawn at a five-minute timer. This is also the location for a hag track spawn. You can use any weapon to take out these guys.

In this tutorial, we used a PK crossbow and took position at an elevated spot to get tactical advantage. They will try to climb up to you but with the tactical advantage, there won’t be a lot of difficulty.

When you have eliminated all of them, you can start looting the chest below. You won’t always get weapons from here, usually just rations and gear. But there is also a possibility of getting legendary weapons and artifact weapons if you do this over and over.

This is some kind of RNG-based so there is really no telling when you are getting legendaries but you will always at least get something.

When you are done looting, you should run towards a new district. This way, it will trigger the game to despawn the chest that you just looted. If you do not do this, chances are, the chest that you just will still be there at the next spawning and you won’t be able to get any loot.

Once you have made sure that the chest has despawned, you can run back at Cillian’s and wait for the next round within the next 5 minutes.

Some tip though, spawning is not concentrated in one area, they can respawn at any spot within the area. However, most often, they will be at the spot between Cillian’s, the Windmill, and the Bizarre District.

Chapter Vendors

Second is the Chapter Vendors. One of them is Harper in the Fish Eye Canteen. Talk to Harper you will see a mystery one-handed slashing weapon. All you need are two tokens and 1200 mutation samples. You can get tokens by doing Harper’s bounty hunts and elite missions.

In chapter 2, you will find Shen Xiu near Downtown. Her legendary weapon is a one-handed blunt weapon, with the same cost as the Harper’s.

And that’s two ways to farm legendary weapons in Patch 1.6 of Dying Light 2.

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