Dying Light 2: Mech Slugger Rampage Event Guide

This guide will show you what the Mech Slugger Rampage Event is all about!

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a survival horror game set years after the first Dying Light game. In this game, civilization has fallen back to the Dark Ages with the virus still plaguing humanity. Agility and combat skills come in handy in your quest for survival and reshaping the world.

Find out all about the Mech Slugger Rampage Event in this guide!

Mech Slugger Rampage Event Guide – Dying Light 2

Mech Slugger Rampage Event is a limited-time rampage event which will reward you with the mech slugger bat if you completed it.

The event mechanics is pretty simple. All you have to do is reach the personal goal during the event which is get 1000 kills for any enemy.

Once you have achieved the goal, the item will become available in your stash as long as your account is tied to techlandgg. So you have to ensure that, first off.

When you open your stash, it will be in your Miscellaneous until you redeem it. And then, it will show up over the Weapons tab.

Redeeming it can  sometimes be disappointing as it will just show up usually as a rare long stick. But it actually has a variety of ranges – epic, artifact, or legendary. Whatever you get when you redeem it is purely by chance.

You can also mod the mech slugger over time but overall, in terms of weapon strength, it’s not very efficient as it hardly does any damage than any other weapon that one-shot a lot of enemies. This is what the weapon looks like up close.

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