Check out this MedKit farming guide!

Medkits are essential items that you need for Dying Light 2. The medkits will keep you alive at all times, and with the numbers of monsters that are attacking you constantly, you will use them quite often. Some areas have almost no medkits and it makes them hard to find.

This guide will show you the best area to farm medkits in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2: Medkit Farm Guide

To begin your farming journey, you will need to enter the VNC Tower and position yourself underground at this specific area.

Once you are inside the basement, jump down in the water where there is a straight line and continue swimming east.

When you reach the stairs and get out of the water, you will want to enter the room that has an A mark on it.

Once you enter this area, you will find the first medkit next to the A-marked switch.

Open up the containers and you will find medkits inside.

The next medkit container will be located on the upper floor of the room, inside the room that you are currently in, take the stairs that lead you up and on the pillar you will find the next medkit.

Continue following the path forward where it will lead you into a server room. On the other side of the server room, you will find another medkit container.

After you’ve picked up the previous medkit, go to the room that will be on your right side, and on the other side of the wall, you will find another medkit container.

You will also be able to find a few more medkits in the next rooms that you enter.

NOTE that it takes around 30 minutes in-game time for the medkits to respawn.

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