Dying Light 2: Moka’s Right Paw Blueprint Location

Time to find the Moka's Right Paw Blueprint Location in Dying Light 2

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With the latest update for Dying Light 2, the developers have decided to implement another interesting secret blueprint for the game. The Moka’s Right Paw Blueprint is the latest item that can be obtained. This awesome zombie slicer will make your claws show.

This guide will show you how to obtain Moka’s Right Paw Blueprint in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2: Moka’s Right Paw Blueprint Location

The Moka’s Right Paw blueprint will be located at the George Romero memorial site.

The memorial is located exactly on the highway, on the west side of the map.

Once you get there, you will obtain the blueprint, and also you can view a small statue of Moka and some candles lit.

To check if you’ve obtained the blueprint, simply open up your main menu and on the “Blueprints” section, scroll down until you find Moka’s Right Paw.

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