Dying Light 2: Multiplayer Duplication Working Glitch Guide (After Patch 1.4)

This article will help you to find out more about the Multiplayer Duplication Working Glitch in Dying Light 2!

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In this article, you will find out more about the multiplayer glitch after the 1.4 patch which is the only glitch that works now and it’s a multiplayer glitch. You’ll have the ability to use any item at any time. Different from the other possibilities this time you’ll have to wait for someone to drop off some items and be prepared to get the fallen items on the ground.  

Multiplayer Duplication Working Glitch Guide (After Patch 1.4) – Dying Light 2

You’ll need to be prepared to put the item on the ground and get it at the same time as the opponent and that way you can duplicate anything at that time.

This way you’ll both get the same item.

I recommend you to use your microphone and detect this option on time and double pick up the item.

Despite the fact, that you will duplicate everything you can get all your valuables, crafting parts, etc. Double your enjoinment.

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