Check out the Mutated Goon Quest & New Weapon in Dying Light 2!

One of the two giant infected enemy types in the game, goons are first introduced during the Arrival story quest. These large enemies wield massive hammers and can be found in specific locations around Villedor. They’re slow and easy to dodge, but if they land a hit, they’ll deal serious damage and send Aiden flying.

In this guide, we will show you the Mutated Goon Quest and a New Weapon in Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2: Mutated Goon Quest & New Weapon Guide

Part 1 – Fire Goon

The very first spot you go for part one is the trinity area.

From the top of the building, you will see down a Fire Goon that you have to fight him.

Once you defeat the Fire Goon you will complete the side quest – Something Big Has Been Here – Part 1.

Part 2 – Toxic Goon

For the part 2 you have to fight a Toxic Goon that is located in the Houndfield area.

Make your way to his location where you have to fight and defeat him.

This Goon might be a little challenging for you, but anyway after defeat him, you will complete the side quest – Something Big Has Been Here – Part 2.

Part 3 – Electric Goon

The third one is going to be in the Horseshoe area.

Make your way to his location and defeat the Electric Goon to complete the Third part from the side quest.

Part 4 – All 3 Goons

This time you’re actually going to fight all three types of Goons at once.

Prepare your self and go defeat all 3 Goons.

Once you defeat them, you will complete the part 4 from the side quest, and also you will be rewarded with the new weapon, Goon Smasher.

Goon Smasher Weapon

For the Part 5 of the quest, you have to find 10 remaining Goons, but right now lets check out the Goons Master.

The way you get it, you go into your stash and go to your extras tab where you will see the Goon Smasher which is a legendary weapon that doesn’t have levels, but it levels up with your character and it’s getting more powerful.

Once you redeem the weapon, you will be able to see its statistics.

  • Damage: 493
  • Damage During the Day: +15%
  • Damage (vs. infected): +17%
  • Full Health Damage Bonus: +5%
  • Low Stamina Damage Bonus: +7%

Weapon Description: Go Pilgrim, have some fun!

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