Dying Light 2: Mutation Sample Farming Guide

It’s a time for a Mutation Sample Farming! Check out this guide to find the best Mutation Sample Farming location in Dying Light 2.

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Dying Light 2 is a 2022 open-world survival horror game developed and published by Techland. In this action role-playing game players can perform actions such as climbing ledges, sliding, and leaping off from edges, all in case to survive and explore more of the map. There are many crafting items that will keep you busy collecting the required materials. Mutation sample farming is something that players were looking for, and we prepared a location for you where you can farm tons of them.

In this guide, we will tell you all about Mutation Sample Farming!

Mutation Sample Farming Guide – Dying Light 2

The best location for mutation sample farming is in the Trinity area. You have to get to chase level 4 before you go farming, and then the volatiles will keep on spawning. 

There are a few things you have to follow before you start farming. You will want to have a lot of rare trophies because your weapon is going to use a ton of durability.

You can also use the Saw Blades which is preferred because it takes two Saw Blades to kill a volatile. If you have enough scrap, get as many Saw Blades as you can possibly get because that will help to farm much faster.

The very important thing to keep you alive while farming is the gear setup. Make sure to increase your Damage Resistance (Infected) as much as possible because you really need that to be at least closer to 50%, and then you can use the toughness booster which will eventually make you invincible and can’t die.

Once you come to the platform where they are spawning, suddenly they might stop coming out from the gate.

To make them spawn again, all you need to do is to go and jump to the other nearest platform and go back to the same platform where they are spawning. You will notice that they will start coming out from the gate on the platform again.

Keep on killing them the entire night time, because at 7 AM they will start running away and you won’t be able to farm them.

After you are done farming, you can collect thousands of mutation sample.

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