There is a mystery generator in Dying Light 2 that you can interact with. Check out this guide to find out more about it.

When playing through the very big and dangerous world of Dying Light 2 you will notice from time to time a very mysterious looking Generator.

In this guide, we will be talking about what you can actually do with this Mystery Generator and where you’ll be able to find it. Let’s get started.

Mystery Generator Guide – Dying Light 2

You are able to find this Mystery Generator in the DownTown area of the map. You will have to go on top of this exact building and you are able to find it on the east side of it.

It will be located next to an outpost so this way you will be able to find it much easier and simple.

You can go next to the Generator and actually Turn it on. But what it actually does leaves a lot of gamers in mystery and confusion.

After you turn it on nothing noticeable will occur. Simply the Generator will keep on working more and that is it. In the world, everything will remain the same.

The generator is used if you side with the Peacekeepers or at least let them control the tower. A few missions after the tower mission, you’re asked to turn on two towers to boost the signal, and the second one is turned on by that generator.

As part of a quest, you need to power up an antenna, which you can do if you side with Matt during the radio activation on the VNC Tower.

So simply use it during a mission to power up the antenna and that is all.

We hope that this guide has helped you out with what you’ll need to do with this Generator. Have fun using it!

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