There is a new Rampage Event in Dying Light 2. Check it out!

Dying Light 2 is a game that is the successor of Dying Light 1. You will be parkouring around a very big wide open map while destroying lots of zombies and enemy humans alike.

In this guide, we will be talking about the New Rampage Event that just got added on 6th October 2022. Let’s see what’s it all about and its rewards.

New Rampage Event Guide – Dying Light 2

There was a new event that just got recently introduced to Dying Light 2. It is a very fun thing to do where you can take on many zombies at once and go on a full unleashed hack and slash. I mean, the whole description of it is – Let the Bodies hit the Floor! What more needs to be said?

There will be an increased decapitation rate and the ragdolls have increased physics on them. It is simply very fun to play especially if you missed out on being on a total killing spree of zombies and of total chaos and havoc.

For the Participation Goal, all you will need to do is simply kill at least one enemy.

This means that it doesn’t matter what type of enemy it is, you just need to kill it. Then once you’ve done this, you will get a Hunter’s Token.

Every event that is released on Dying Light 2 has an overall global goal. This means that each player can contribute their own progress towards a gold. The global goal of the New Rampage Event is this:

  • Kill in total 120.000.000 enemies

As you can see, the developers are really expecting us to go crazy and on a very long and big killing spree. The objective is simple. You will need to kill all types of killable NPCs that come in front of you. This can be the zombies and the enemy humans alike.

As a reward, you will get the Smog Mask.

Also, this event brings along with it a Personal Goal. This is a goal that you will need to kill a total of 1000 enemies to achieve the Mech Slugger. This is a bat that does a lot of damage and brings you a lot of power for destroying zombies.

That’s all that you need to know about the New Rampage Event! We hope that this guide has given you an insight and overview of it and answered your questions. Have fun killing all those enemies!

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