Dying Light 2: NEW Water Zombie Review

Check out the latest Water Zombie that is available in Dying Light 2!

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Dying Light 2 is currently coming out with new updates for the game which means, more content, more items and cool things to do. The Water Zombie is the current newest prototype that you can interact with in the game.

In this guide, you will see all you need to know about the water zombie in Dying Light 2.

NEW Water Zombie Review – Dying Light 2

Right now, when you dive inside the water in Dying Light 2, you will see a big black ball that will begin chasing you. A rather scary-looking object that will come out of nowhere and will start dealing electric damage to you once you are touched.

This is the Water Zombie that will be attacking you after a few seconds once you get in the water.
NOTE that this is currently a prototype and the final graphical design for the Water Zombie is not officially out yet.

The electricity damage that you are being hit with the prototype is low, and the water zombie also deals low poison damage which is stuck with you for a long period of time.

Next time when you decide to jump in the waters in Dying Light 2, be careful as you may never know what could creep up on you.

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