Dying Light 2: Plaugebearer Enemy Variant Guide

Check out this guide to learn more about the newest enemy variant the “Plaguebearer” in Dying Light 2!

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Dying Light 2 has just recently come out with the 1.5 patch. In this patch, there are a ton of interesting new mechanics, monsters, and even fresh content that you can enjoy. The Plaguebearer is the newest mob that is official to the game.

This guide will show you more about the Plaguebearer in Dying Light 2.

Plaugebearer Enemy Variant Guide – Dying Light 2

This enemy variant can be encountered by starting a Legendary Renegade Encounter. These orange encounters will spawn the newest variant.

Use your survivor’s scent before entering the encounter to find the enemies much easier.

These new variants are easy to spot as they are glowing green and are just walking around the area. These special infected variants will give you a bunch of mutation samples once killed.

A great way of obtaining more mutation samples now with this new variant is to wait for him to get close to his group. Once he dies, he will spread infection and infect the others in the group.

The other member that got infected will fall and get up after several seconds. He will then begin attacking his group which is kind of cool!

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