Let’s check the Rewards For Completing New Game Plus in Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2’s recent 1.3.0 update added a long-awaited New Game Plus mode, bringing some new challenges for those who have already finished. For those looking for even more Dying Light 2 content, the most recent 1.3.0 update has finally added the much-anticipated New Game Plus mode. Being immediately accessible after the player finishes the main story, Dying Light 2’s New Game Plus mode sees the player return to Villedor with all their upgrades and gear, ready to face the city’s horrors once more, but this time with even more challenging foes and objectives.

In this guide, we will show you the Rewards For Completing New Game Plus In Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2: Rewards For Completing New Game Plus Guide

As you can see on your save game, it’s got the little plus flag which shows you that this is a new game plus save. Once you complete the new game plus, you can do it again, but that means that you can go back and do the new game plus as many times as you want which is fantastic.

This will give you a chance to go back and play again, to collect some things that you missed, or even go back and make different story choices to get all the different endings with the same save file.

There is a pretty cool item that you can get when you beat the game. You get the Renegade Boss Mask for completing the game.

This is a legendary headwear with some powerful resistances on it.

  • Damage Resistance (Night): +15%
  • Damage Resistance (Day): +15%

Item Description: This does not look friendly at all.

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