See some secret changes from 1.15.

Techland has yet again gifted us with a Dying Light 2 update. This game doesn’t disappoint with patches and with the most recent update, Techland continues to show us why we should keep on coming back to enjoy Dying Light 2.

Apart from minor bug fixes from the last content drop we now get better updates from firearms to new cutscenes and of course, we’ll also be talking about future updates Techland has planned.

If you are as excited as we are here at GamerHour, let’s go through some things you might have missed and what to expect with the new Dying Light 2 1.15 patch.

Secret Changes Added With Patch 1.15 In Dying Light 2

Firearms expansion

In this update, enemies will be able to carry firearms. If you’re wondering how this will come to be don’t worry because this will be explained through a story in the game.

You can find cool little lines of dialogue in the game files showing how your enemies might have acquired the firearms.

We should also expect new firearms in the game.


Techland has replaced old cutscenes with new ones, for example, the windmill cutscene.

The cutscene update gives us better camera angles, and better model placement and fixes minor bug issues like the windmill disappearing during cutscenes.

New Metro Stations

Interiors of Metro Stations have also gotten an upgrade with new interiors.


If you have firearms unlocked you might have noticed something, you can’t drop any weapons apart from the DLC items.

You are also restricted from sharing firearms with your friends if they haven’t finished a specific part of the story or don’t own the same DLC.

If you try to pick up items from some DLC’S you will get the prompt ‘item belongs to another player.

Honorable mentions

Nuke Grenade

The Nuke Grenade is an item that has been in the game for some time. It’s a powerful grenade with lots of power. Maybe its origins may be explained in a future story DLC but we will have to wait and see.

God Mode Armor

Techland has patched the God Mode Armor but people always find a way around the patches and already a new God Mode Armor has been discovered.

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