Here you can learn the Secret Updates in Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2 has recently received its biggest patch. It is making its players much more satisfied with every big update that this game has received in it. But there are secret updates too.

In this guide, we will be discussing the Secret Updates that have been found in this new patch recently. Let’s get started.

Secret Updates Guide – Dying Light 2

Bounty XP Decreased

One of the big changes that is added in the new patch is that they’ve dropped the Bounties down to 200 reputation points. This is very low and left some players very disappointed.

Some of them are left as they were, but most of them are reduced. This means that if you want to make more reputation points you will have to be grinding for these XPs much more frequently.

You will be seeing yourself not getting as many levels as before and you’ll need a heck of a lot more time to be leveling up as well. We can’t really tell if this was a good change to be honest.

New Fast Travel Point

There are some new fast travel points that have been thrown on the map here and there. They haven’t been included in the patch notes but are very good changes to know about.

Even with these new fast travel points, you will be able to fast travel to the Chapter 2 Vendor without an issue! This is certainly good news.

Normally you were able only to fast travel through the Metro Stations, but now you will be able to kind of teleport to certain places on the map. Is this breaking the immersion? In our opinion, this is a welcome change indeed.

No Rewards for Orange Encounters

When you do a legendary zombie encounter in the new patch you will only get mutation samples. You won’t get any rewards whatsoever as you used to in the previous patch.

This is something that we do not support or like at all. Players have been raising their voices as well. Hopefully, it is a bug and mistake on their part and will get fixed in the future.

New Weapon Mod – Grip

They have added this out of nowhere. Mods that you can place on your favorite weapons. It is a very cool addition and is more than welcome.

There is one issue with it though – it doesn’t work! Yes, the developers might have rushed this out since it is very bugged at the moment of writing.

Something like Weapon Mods like these is a welcome addition to the game and will make it feel much better and with more options. We can’t wait to see the fixed version of it!

Hives & Tyrants are Back

And they are better than ever! The developers have gone ahead and actually fixed the Tyrants and Hives that were broken in the previous patches.

They work very well right now, you’re able to find them underground just as you were able to do so earlier.

This is amazing news because they are extremely fun and they fit in the world of Dying Light perfectly.

That is everything we have about the new Secret Updates of the latest patch for Dying Light! If we manage to find some more secrets about it we will let you know as soon as possible!

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