Check out the Small Details Missed in the Latest Update of Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2 has just received its 1.3.0 update, bringing new content and changes to the game including a New Game+ mode and FOV slider. Since its release a few months ago, Dying Light 2 has been a success both in terms of its critical reception and its sales figures. Both critics and general audiences have praised Dying Light 2’s gameplay, marking it a good step-up from its predecessor, and the game sold over 5 million units in just its first month.

In this guide, we will show you some Small Details Missed in the Latest Update of Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2: Small Details Missed in the Latest Update


Transmong basically allows you to equip any skin on top of any armor, and Techland secretly added that in the latest update.

You can basically wear any armor and then go to your stash and under the extras section, scroll down and look for the DLC outfit and whatever skin you want on top of your armor.

Block Charge is Fixed

This is something that people might have already realized. The block charge skill has now been fixed.

When you block charged a human or a zombie, that person simply just stands up, and they would be instantly on their feet the moment you block charge them, which made this block charge feature useless on the ground, but they fixed it.

Now, when you block charge your enemy, they actually stand on the ground for a few seconds, giving you enough time to run away or stomp them.

RIP Hoverboard

Bad news for people owning the hoverboard easter egg item, because that no longer works, in fact, the broom is also a little bit broken.

If you try to equip the hoverboard, it won’t let you, because the only option you have is to drop the item.

Golden Encounters

If you roam around the world of Dying Light 2, you would come across this new legendary golden encounter. The logo is of a bolter with golden color in it.

In that encounter, you will meet either demolishers, goons with banshees, or volatiles.

When you kill one of them, you would get a legendary or an artifact weapon by searching their body. It’s a good way to farm gold-tier weapons in Dying Light 2.

It’s fairly easy and you can find a lot of these golden encounters in the central loop during your playtime.

Random Encounters

This is something similar to the golden encounters. You are able to find volatiles and banshee’s just roaming around the world. They will be on the streets, and on the rooftop.

Sometimes they spawn near the abandoned broken house structures, and they all spawn without a chase.

No NightRunner Upgrades

When you start a New Game+, you basically lose all your night runner tools because they are mission-based tools.

You also lose all the upgrades you had on those night runner tools.

No Faction Rewards

Next what you also lose is the Faction Rewards, meaning you will lose your Pk crossbow, something that you get by assigning PK’s , enough water towers and sub stations.

All your faction rewards get reset.

Roll Back Feature

This is a feature that many people are confused about.  As the name says, the roll back feature lets you roll back to the last checkpoint before creating a new game+.

If you started a new game+ and spend hours into it, and now you want to see what this roll feature does. What happens, it that you will lose all your progress, and it is not recommended to do it.

Scorpio Weapon From E3 2019

This is something that everybody is going crazy about. Techland secretly added the things from E3 2019. They did this after the request of the community.

They basically added the Scorpio weapon from the E3 2019 Demo where Colonel bandits were holding this weapon.  It’s overpowered because it shots a powerful projectile that kills everything in one hit, and well if you run out of ammo just flip the weapon and just use the other side of that gun as a melee weapon.

The melee weapon is a hammer that also 1 shots everything.

E3 2019 Aiden Outfit

Another thing that they added secretly is the E3 2019 Outfit from the Demo. It’s one of the most requested outfit.

Currently it’s in the game files, MOD is available that lets you access this.

True No HUD

Next and the final feature in the list is the new options in the HUD section. After listening to their fans, they now have an option to disable Radar and XP gain from your screen.

This really gives you a True No HUD experience.

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