Dying Light 2: Steam Deck Best Settings

Time to see what the best settings are for Dying Light 2 on Steam Deck!

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Steam Deck is a platform similar to the Nintendo Switch. Steam Deck allows players to install high quality games from Steam and play them through their device. Some of these high quality games tend to drop frames on hard scenarios with high graphics and many particles. That is why you need to optimize some games to specific settings in order to get the most out of them.

This guide will show you the best Steam Deck settings for Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2: Steam Deck Best Settings

You need to set up your Steam Deck strength like the following images are showing you:

Switching some of these settings from high to medium can get you a boost in your FPS by around 10-15 frames.

Next, I suggest you try moving the Upscaler Mode from FSR to none at all.

The frame rate will drop dramatically! After just a few seconds of moving, the combat is in the mid 20 frames per second and the frame time is also creeping up to over 40 milliseconds.

Although it is stable in the mid-20, I recommend at least one upscaling enabled, so you can keep the frame time down.

Next, go down to the Low Quality default. You will see that is automatically set up to the quality mode, but all the rest positions are on the lowest.

With a setup like this, you will see that the frame time improves, but the frame rate is not really much and only has pushed up to 40 frames per second. The frame time has gone down to 20sec again.

However, there is a real big drawback in the low effects which is shown in the following picture and is one of the status effects that looks hideous.

It’s a pixelated block mess in low quality that ruins the game effect.

Go back to medium default and put FSSR on ultra quality, so you can get back your bounce between 30 and 40 frames per second with the frame time between 20 and 30.

We can tell that low quality will ruin those status effects, but the medium does a good solid 30, so you can refresh the rate down to 40, so you bring the rate frame down a little more.

If you don’t do that you will just have to keep it at 60 or cap and deal with the 30-millisecond frame rate.

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