Time to see what the ultimate weapon side quest has to offer in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 continues to come with a ton of updates and new missions and side missions. The Ultimate Weapon side quest is a great side quest that will lead you through different areas. But in the end, it will be all worth… Maybe!

This guide will show you how to complete the Ultimate Weapon Side Quest in Dying Light 2.

The Ultimate Weapon Side Quest Guide – Dying Light 2

This quest is located on the east side of the Horseshoe area. There you will meet up with a man that is wearing a robe. Speak with him to begin the quest.

You will have 2 quest marks that are chests which you will need to loot. One is on the north side of the area, the other on the east side.

Opening up the first chest will be empty and Aiden will get slightly mad as he will believe that he’s been fooled.

As you get back to the monk, and explain to him what is going on, he will tell you about perseverance and run away from you, tricking you into everything.

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