Dying Light 2: Trophy & Mutation Sample Farming Guide

Time to learn more about the trophy and mutation in Sample farming. Read this guide and see how to get this.

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 Before starting and letting you know the main trick on earning a trophy and mutating is to have the Korek Charm weapon because the whole process may damage your other weapons. Despite getting the proper charm, I suggest you get the muscle and toughness booster, and if you succeed to max them you’ll live much longer. It’s a great combination and starter pack to start the process of getting the items. Now let’s get to the main point!

Trophy & Mutation Sample Farming Guide – Dying Light 2

1. Select Location

Starting from the GRE Lab that’s located across from the downtown bus station.

From this lab, you’ll be able to get the GRE Vaccine. To have this available you’ll need to complete the GRE lab and gain the hives as well.

2. How To Farm

 Once you’re inside grab both of the boosters you’ve prepared previously.

Extra Tip: Throw arrows or a UV if you don’t have the boosters.

Extra Tip: Don’t damage the hive only kill the volatiles (there are three of them).

Once all of the volatiles are dead the hive is going to continuously spawn.

If you have the booster you’ll be able to clean up all the creatures. You can use that and kill them as long as you need.

There will be plenty of stuff on the floor for you to pick up.

If you want to end this just kill the hive, defeat the last viral and exit the place.

This way you’ll be able to get the infected trophy and other stuff as well. Use the multiplayer glitch mode to duplicate this trophy. (Unique, rare, simple)

3. What To Do After The Pick-Up

There will be some floating objects that can’t be picked up – that means you already have multiple pieces of it.

All of these floating objects have rare trophies in them. It’s on you to calculate the numbers.

Be sure there will be very different valuables available in the same area.

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