Trying to get as many inhibitors as you can in Dying Light 2? Check out this guide to get an unlimited amount of them!

While playing Dying Light you will notice that you will get much tougher and harder enemies as you progress through the game. That is why you’ll need to level up and get stronger.

You will need to go after the Inhibitors that will make your character stronger and level up the skills. In this guide, we will be showing you a GLITCH that will allow for Unlimited Inhibitors. Let’s see what you’ll need to do.

Unlimited Inhibitors GLITCH Guide – Dying Light 2

By using this Glitch you will be able to actually get a lot of Inhibitors. It is very simple to do and all that you’ll need is the following.

You will be able to actually max out your Inhibitors and levels by using this glitch. So it is recommended that you do it as early as possible while playing the story mode.

First of all, you will need to come down to this location here:

You will enter this facility that is shown in the picture and then just get all the way through until the very end. It is actually pretty hard so make sure that you’ll have all the skills and healing items with you. Also, a good and hardhitting weapon will always help.

You will need to get to the bottom floor of it and you’ll need to pass a couple of lock picks as well too.

Then when you’ll come to the very bottom level you will want to look for this chest here:

Here for some reason, the Inhibitor box is glitched and it will give you a lot of points. Make sure to get it before it gets patched.

That is it! We hope that with this guide you’ll get to the maximum level possible in no time. Make sure to be ready when entering this facility though. Good luck!

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