Check out this Unlimited Trophy Farming Guide in Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2 has a ton of collectible items and blueprints that you can collect and use during your game. These blueprints are helpful as they give you extra buffs for your weapons and help you deal greater damage. The trophies are in this game are mainly used to repair your weapons and upgrade your blueprints. They were hard to get, until now!

This guide will show you a method to farm unlimited trophies in Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2: Unlimited Trophy Farm Guide

To do this trick, you need to get to the broken bridge area in Garrison.

When you are there, go sleep so it becomes night time.

Cross the bridge and also go across the smaller wooden bridge where there is an entrance to a building, that is where you will do the trick.

Stay at the end of the bridge, closest to the building, and look for the Howler on the ground just below you.

Once you’ve grabbed the Howler, a chase will begin and monsters will start spawning around you. Monster will begin to spawn inside the building and die instantly as they spawn.

Make sure that you are not close to the building and you are standing on the bridge in order for the UV light to kill all the monsters. If you are close to them, the UV light will stop damaging monsters.

If a chase stops, simply grab the Howler again and the chase will resume.

If you want, you can go to the monsters and collect the trophies when the chase ends.

You can repeat the whole process by going back to the starting area, and sleep.

Make it daytime, after that, simply make it nighttime and repeat the same process to farm more trophies!

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