Check out all the working glitches that are available after Patch 1.4 in Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2 has recently had a great update with a ton of new content and bug fixes. In this new patch, developers have managed to fix many bugs that will end up making the game feel a lot smoother and better. But sadly, some of these bugs are still available to the community.

This guide will show you all the working glitches after patch 1.4 in Dying Light 2.

Working Glitches after Patch 1.4 – Dying Light 2

Multiplayer Duplication Glitch

This glitch is still able to be made even after the 1.4 patch. Simply get a friend with you and trade an item together, one of the players needs to log out during the trading process to make this glitch happen.

More about that glitch can be found on:

Hoverboard Glitch

There used to be a hoverboard challenge that you can do in this game. During that challenge, you would be moving around on a hoverboard and players were able to get that piece of equipment out in the open world which was not possible.

You either use some item manipulation, or quit the challenge early on into the game.

Begin this glitch by heading over to this location and you need to have this stash item.

Head over the wooden bridge and turn left, then keep straight until you come to a culvert island and a blue car. Go open the trunk of the car where you will find the hoverboard and just simply activate it to start the challenge.

Once you start the challenge you will ride the hoverboard on the water. Now, the next step is to get out of the water while the challenge is on and run back to the stash that we showed you in the image above. You can see that you don’t have a hoverboard in your stash on the right side, but there will be one on the left inventory because it’s there only for the challenge.

All you need to do is to move the hoverboard from the inventory to your stash, and go back to the blue car to cancel the challenge.

Once you cancel the challenge, go back again to the stash and you will find the hoverboard into it. Now you can use the hoverboard whenever you want on the map.

Vendor Reset Glitch

This glitch can happen only at the bazaar. Go to the vendor and check the items that he sells. The point of this glitch is to reset the items from the vendor quickly.

Just turn around and walk out the door. You will come to a big metal door that you have to open and continue outside.

Once you get outside, continue running to the exit door. Open the door and get out of it, and after a few seconds just turn around and go back to the vendor by using the same path.

Go to the vendor and open his inventory. Now you will see that he has completely new items to sell. This happens every time when you take the same path.

Instead of sleeping to reset the vendor inventory which takes 45 seconds, this method is much quicker and it will take only around 25 seconds to run out and come back using the same path.

Extra Tab Duplication Glitch

For this glitch, you have to go to any stash in the game, open it up and you will notice in your extra tab that you have some items.

The glitch will work if you have the ultimate edition, the craft parts bundle and the XP bonus potion, but it works easiest with the weapons.

All you need to do is to hover over whatever you want it to be and now move to the extras tab and hit the move button at the same time. You will want to move the item while switching tabs.

If you do it successfully, a message will pop up on your screen saying that you received the same item.

You can do this same method with any other weapon or item if you want to make a duplication.

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