Check out this beginner guide for Eminence in Shadow – Master of Garden. Let’s learn more!

Eminence in Shadow – Master of Garden is a brand new -style MMORPG. In this game, you get to create characters and level them up. During your leveling adventures, you get to go through many quests and meet up with different players who are willing to fight against you or fight by your side against other groups. To know some of the beginner tips and tricks is always good whenever you want to get into the spicy stuff of the game.

In this beginner guide, you will learn a lot about Eminence in Shadow – Master of Garden!

Beginner Guide – Eminence In Shadow: Master Of Garden

Re-Rolling On Start Of Game

In this game, re-rolling is a must whenever you start a game. You need to always re-roll and try to get the specific role in the first few fights.

Tanks so far have been the best characters to prove to themselves that they can deal with many situations, even if they are not the appropriate class for the fight.

To re-roll, you simply go to your title screen, delete the account that you currently have, and begin with a new one where you get a free roll.

Save Your Gems (Don’t Summon At Start & Wait For New Banner)

When the game fully releases, the developers will drop the new banner with better stats. This will not only save you a lot of time, but it will also help you go ahead of the game.

By saving gems, I mean to not summon at all.

Recover Stamina With Food

Always recover your stamina with food items. Don’t use the summoning materials (gems) because you will need them for more important things such as summoning.

Beginner Missions & Guide Missions

Beginner Missions are something that you will get whenever you first start the game. These are some missions that will require you to do beginner game-phase events which will grant you amazing rewards and lead you into the mid-phase part of the game.

Here once you complete these missions you can get a SS character which is a great benefit for future fights.

Guide missions on the other hand are missions that can direct you to areas where you can complete missions that are compatible with your level.

The guide missions are great because not many players know exactly where to go and what missions they need to complete to successfully follow the story of the game and level up fast.


In the missions section, you can find the following:

  • Daily Missions
  • Weekly Missions
  • Tutorial
  • Title
  • Attempt

Here you get to do a lot of challenges that will not only reward you with EXP and resources, you will also get a cool title for your character and some crystals.

Grind out those daily and weekly missions as much as you can.

Join Or Create A Guild

A guild is something that you need to have or to be in if you want to compete in this game. With your guild members, you can share events and compete together against other players.

Inside each guild you will also gain presents from your guild members that can benefit you.

Remember, a lone wolf is not always good.


The game offers a lot of different characters that you can play, each of them having different abilities and stats. You do need to read out what each character offers to the battlefield and see if it fits you.

And just like that, you will be winning fights non-stop. Good luck now fighter!