Endling – Extinction is Forever: “A Friend in Need” Trophy Guide

Are you ready to get some trophies? This guide will show you how to earn the A Friend In Need Trophy in Endling: Extinction is Forever!

This new game will bring you many different and exciting adventures in the forest. There are some rewards as well and trophies that you’ll get after accomplishing some tasks and taking some actions. This guide will show you how to earn the A Friend In Need Trophy, so let’s be helpful and earn some rewards!

A Friend in Need Trophy Guide – Endling: Extinction is Forever

Go here on the map to find the Badger and defend his food, but be careful there are as well other hungry animals that can take your life.

To be completely sure about your safety wait until the next day there.

You can’t be around him the whole time and at night 8 he’ll despair and you’ll need to find and release him.

You need to hurry up because after 2 days he’ll be gone and you can’t find him, but believe me it’s really hard to miss him because he’ll be blocking the way to the club trace and you can find him there.

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