Endling – Extinction is Forever: All 18 Food Locations

Do you want to easily find all of the food locations in Endling? This guide will give you the right directions and show you how to get all of them!

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One of the main things you need to know when playing Endling is that you must eat all kinds of foods in one play-through. It can be very tricky, why this game doesn’t have a specific chapter selection and you’ll need to get all of the 18 food as fastest you can. Some food will be available only at night so you may need to wait until the day is over and then get it.

Be sure to have all of the skills unlocked because some of them will serve you to get the food. Let’s get some food!

All 18 Food Locations Endling: Extinction is Forever

1. Deer Hunt

In the first are at the very first night you can get the deer. It will be only available between nights 1-3 so don’t miss this one and get him the first chance you get.

Once you get there go on the left side until you get the nearby pray that can be easily tracked.

2. Catching Fish

As well will be able in the first being during the night 1-8.

Once you’re there just follow the path that will directly lead you to the frozen lake where you can get your fish.

3. Rabbit Hunt

The rabbits will be available in the first area as well but can be only found during the winter season. Start looking at them from this spot in the first area:

They will just hop out of nowhere so be prepared to get them.

4. Trash

It can be found in the first area during all of the long nights, even when you’re hunting the other animals.

5. Berries

 You’ll be able to get the berries in the first area on all of the nights above you. You can find some of them right here:

6. Apple Box

During night 4 in the first, you’ll be able to get a box full of apples. Go here to get them:

Remember you need to have your climbing skill to get this one because it will be on the top of the wooden house.

7. Mouse

One more food item that can be collected in the first area on night 5 is the orange mouse. Start looking for him in this area:

And be prepared to run as well because they are tricky and fast as hell.

8. Apple Tree

After finding the apple boxes previously it’s time to find the whole garden of apple trees. Start looking for them here:

 On night 7 in the first area, you can find and eat this gorgeous fresh apple.

9. Worms

To get this food item you’ll need to have learned the fid skill. It will be available on night 9 in the first area:

10. Cereal Bars

On night 9 you can get these cereal bars only if you have learned the squeeze-through skill.

One of your cubs needs to squeeze through the desks and get the cereal bars.

11. Collecting Mushrooms

Same like in the previous example squeeze throws skill is required and you can get the mushrooms from the first area on night 9.

12. Rat

Yes, you’ll need to catch some rats too. On the first on night 9 you can look for the black rat here:

13. Canned Meat

On night 10 you’ll be able to find canned meat that will be on your food list to try!

Once you get to the place shown in the previous picture you can get the canned meat from inside the food machine.

More Canned Meat!

There is a situation when the vending machine is empty. If you won’t get the chance to get the previous shown canned meat on night 13 from the second area go to this place to get it:

14. Egg

In the second area on night 13, you’ll be able to find the eggs.

Use your climbing skill and get the egg from the nest.

The Easter egg can be taken on night 22 in the second area and are both climb and dangle skills as well

15. Chicken

On night 16 in the Area 2 go to the place shown in the following picture to get your chicken:

Once you enter the chicken factory where you’ll earn the chicken trophy as well.

16. Moveable Food Container

As well on night 16 in area 2.

17. Pigeon

Nigh 16, Area 2. Go here:

You’ll need to climb the broken roof and go to the top of the room to get the pigeon.

18. Potato Chips Bag

On the third after you have learned the climbing cub skill on night 22, you can get the potato chips to the bag starting from here:

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