Check this guide and find out where you can learn all of the 8 Cub Skills in Endling!

There are in total 8 Cub skills in Endling and all of them can be available for you after you are at the specific place at the right time. Some of them will be easy to learn but some can be complicated. To short up your way and accomplish the aim faster in the following text you’ll be able to see the list of all the Cub Skills and where to search for them.

All 8 Cub Skills And Where To Learn Them – Endling: Extinction is Forever

1. Jump

This one will unlock automatically on night 4 once you click and start to pet your little ones.

2. Squeeze Through

Same as the previous skill will automatically be opened on night 9 and they will learn how to squeeze under the desks.

3. Dig

On night 9 starting from the place marked on the map you’ll be able to learn your cubs how to dig.

4. Climb

You’ll learn them how to climb on night 15 when molly appears during the cub trial. Starting from this point on the map:

5. Hunt

They will learn how to hunt on night 16 once you get access to the most east and dark part of the map and go there.

6. High Jump

This skill will be available for you on night 22, but only if you have previously found the 3rd liar. It will happen on this place shown in the following picture:

7. Dangle

To be able to dangle, you’ll need to learn how to climb or high jump first. This skill will appear on night 22 once you respect the conditions and go to this place on the map:

8. Deactivate Traps

And the last one on the least is how to deactivate the tracks. It will be available on night 25, and it will work only for the trap with the scavenger where you’ll need to make some moves and activate the traps there.

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