Endling – Extinction is Forever: “Easter Egg” Location & Trophy Guide

Here you can learn how to get the Easter egg and achieve the trophy!

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There are plenty of Trophies that you can unlock in Endling – Extinction is Forever, and one of them is the Easter Egg Trophy which can be achieved after you find the Egg. However, you will have to do something and learn some skills to be able to reach and collect the egg.

This guide will show you How to get the “Easter Egg” and unlock the Trophy!

“Easter Egg” Location & Trophy Guide – Endling: Extinction is Forever

Step 1 – Learn the new Cub Skill – Dangle

To be able to collect the Easter egg, you must learn the Dangle skill which can be found inside the abandoned building which is marked on the image below.

Another thing that is required is to have the Climb skill which is needed to inside the building where the Dangle skill can be learned.

Follow the path going inside, and make sure your puppies are with you. Once you get there, at the end of the platform you will find a pigeon. At this point, your puppy will bark at it and will hang to the pigeon trying to catch it. Once the puppy jumps to the pigeon, have to carry it up and you will learn the Dangle Skill.

Step 2 – Get the Easter Egg

Once you learned the Dangle skill, you need to head to the most south-west part of the map.

There will be a lot of water full of trash that you have to swim through. Follow the path going to the right until you come to the edge of the cliff.

At this point, you have to use the Dangle skill with your puppy and get the eater egg. They will start to eat it and you will unlock the Easter Egg Trophy.

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