Endling – Extinction is Forever: “Maternity” Trophy Guide

One more trophy to get in Endling! This guide will show you how to get the Maternity Trophy in the same game.

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Different from the other activities to earn the other trophies this one requires a few more actions that need to be done in a specific time and order. To save your time and be sure you aren’t missing something follow the instructions given in this guide and get the Maternity Trophy in Endling.

You’ll start from activities that need to be done around your liar and other activities during your journey in the woods. Let’s begin!

“Maternity” Trophy Guide – Endling: Extinction is Forever

Starting from your liar be sure to help the badger that will get trapped after the 8 nights of sleeping.

You’ll need to do that faster because after 2 days you won’t be able to find him and in that case, you’ll lose the Maternity and the A friend in need trophies. There is also an article that will help you easily find the badger.

The second action that will lead you to this trophy is reaching the cub and getting it back to his mother.

You’ll be able to do that the night after the forest got cut down. Go directly to the scavenger past him, grab it and transport him back to where he belongs.

Once he’s back to his mother you’ll get the Maternity Trophy!

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