Want to find out how you can obtain the "Pet the Fox" trophy in Endling: Extinction is forever? Check out this guide to find out!

There are plenty of trophies that will appear through this game so get yourself prepared you will need to help many other creatures that are there. This guide will take you to an area from the map where you can find out that there are several things you can do with your character and get you the Pet The Fox trophy! Let’s start!

Pet The Fox Trophy Guide – Endling: Extinction is forever

New Skill – Climbing

You’ll be able to climb after finding the second lair after you face the scavenger and after 2 nights molly will appear on the map, you’ll need to get her and after that you can climb.

After you pass the 2 nights you’ll get the new club trace – follow it!

You will need to walk around the outside and follow the trace without this.

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