Let’s learn the new Dangle Cub Skill in Endling: Extinction is Forever!

Walking around the abandoned and dangerous areas with your cub will require you to know some of the basic skills to survive the journey. Also, there are plenty of items and locations that you will need to get, and the Dangle skill is going to be a very useful skill for you and your cub.

In this guide, we will show you Where to Learn New Cub Skill – Dangle.

Where To Learn New Cub Skill – Dangle – Endling: Extinction is Forever

The new cub skill Dangle can be learned inside one abandoned building which is marked on the map below.

You have to make your way there by jumping through some boxes and platforms and also climbing on pipes which is the required skill that you will need to get there. Once you get to the pipe that will lead you to the upper platform of the building, you have to use the Climb skill with your cub.

Follow the path and jump over the first open window to get inside the building and run to the edge of the platform. Here you will find a pigeon who is sitting in his nest. At this point, your puppy will start barking and will jump to the nest trying to catch the pigeon.

Once the pup is down in the nest, you will have to carry it back and put it on the platform. With this you will learn the new cub skill Dangle.

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