Endling – Extinction is Forever: Where To Learn New Cub Skill – SQUEEZE THROUGH

One more skill to learn in Endling! In the following text, you’ll be able to see where you can learn the Squeeze Through Skill.

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The game is moving forward and your skills as well are getting expanded. At night 10 you’ll be able to squeeze through some barricades and get to your wanted destination. To do that correctly and discover the place where you can learn how to squeeze. Starting from a specific place on the given map in the game will lead you to get on more skills on your list and that will for sure help you to save some of your forest friends!

Where To Learn New Cub Skill – SQUEEZE THROUGH – Endling: Extinction is Forever

Beginning from this area on the map you’ll need to go straight and pass the bridge in front of you.

At the first hole on the bridge, one of your little ones will fall in this hole and you will need to squeeze there and get him.

Once you get down there on your left will be a pair of wooden platforms where you need to squeeze in between.

Here you will push your little one and that’s how you learn the squeezing skill.

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