Learn the basic controls to navigate Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories in this guide!

Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories is an escape-room style puzzle game series in a co-operative gaming setup of 1-5 players. Each story will have various puzzles that the players need to solve in order to escape. This game will test your wit’s end to succeed.

This article will show you the basic controls in Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories.

Controls Guide – Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories

Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories is an interesting game in fairness to the game’s mechanics. However, the downside is that it does not really tell you how to navigate and work things from the start. There are areas in the game where you actually have to click or press a key to act on it.

Here, we summarized all the controls that you need to know when you want to play Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories.

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