Check out this guide to see how you can enter the Reception Lobby and locate the collectibles in Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories.

Escape Memoirs Mini Stories is an interesting jail breaking puzzle game where you need to escape a prison by collecting various items and performing various combinations to escape. During your journey in escaping, you will stumble upon some collectibles that you can obtain and fully finish the game.

This guide will show you how to enter the Reception Lobby and find the collectibles in Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories.

How to Enter the Reception Lobby & Collectible Locations – Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories

In order to get inside the reception lobby, you will need to spend some time and fiddle with the lock mechanism that is at the door. It won’t be a hard challenge, just a time-consuming one.

There isn’t a puzzle here really, you don’t need to look for anything hidden or a piece of information. Just try to align the mechanisms right.

Once you get all the correct metals in the right place, the Reception Room will be opened.

Reception Lobby Collectible 1

The first collectible in the Reception Lobby can be found on the left side of the wall, on a little storage area for documents. Look at the marked area on the image below to get the collectible.

Reception Lobby Collectible 2

The second collectible can be located on the right side of the room, simply go towards the box marked on the image below and look behind it. There you will find the second collectible.

Reception Lobby Collectible 3

The third collectible can be found once you enter the Reception Lobby and look behind the sofa marked on the image below. Simply hug the wall and you will spot the collectible there.

Reception Lobby Collectible 4

This collectible can be found inside the reception lobby and behind the clock shown on the image below. Simply get on top of the bucket and hug the wall. Look behind the clock where you will see the small collectible.

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