Escape Memoirs – Mini Stories: How to Exit the First Cell

Find out how to exit the first cell in Escape Memoirs – Mini Stories in this guide!

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Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories is an escape-room style puzzle game series in a co-operative gaming setup of 1-5 players. Each story will have various puzzles that the players need to solve in order to escape. This game will test your wit’s end to succeed.

This article will show you how to exit the first cell in Escape Memoirs – Mini Stories.

How to Exit the First Cell – Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories

One of the stories in Escape Memoirs – Mini Stories is Jail Breakout, where you have to break free from jail. There are all sorts of different puzzles in this story but in this article, we will only cover how to exit the first cell at the very beginning of this scenario.

When you approach the cell door, you will notice that it is actually locked. But when you look further, across the corridor is actually a window to another cell where there is a man watching you. Creepy, I know!

Just move your view to his direction and he will tell you something about him giving you stuff to get you out which he will give you through a hole in the ceiling.

He will eventually give you a brick and a key. The key will drop too far from your reach. You will use the brick to break a loose pole in the cell to retrieve the key.

Good luck on the next puzzles!

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