Escape Memoirs – Mini Stories: How to Reset Collectibles

Find out in this guide how to reset your collectibles in Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories!

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Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories is an escape-room style puzzle game series in a co-operative gaming setup of 1-5 players. Each story will have various puzzles that the players need to solve in order to escape. This game will test your wit’s end to succeed.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to reset your collectibles list in Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories!

How to Reset Collectibles – Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories:

In the Menu screen, you can actually see your game progress in the upper right portion of the screen in the form of your Collectibles list.

If you want to restart your game and undo all your progress, you can actually do so by clicking Reset Collectibles in the bottom left of the menu screen.

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