At your wit’s end but still can’t escape the game? Find out the lockers combinations in Escape Memoirs – Mini Stories in this guide!

Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories is an escape-room style puzzle game series in a co-operative gaming setup of 1-5 players. Each story will have various puzzles that the players need to solve in order to escape. This game will test your wit’s end to succeed.

This article will show you the lockers combinations in Escape Memoirs – Mini Stories.

Lockers Combinations – Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories

One of the stories in Escape Memoirs – Mini Stories is Jail Breakout, where you have to break free from jail. There are all sorts of different puzzles in this story but in this article, we will only cover the lockers combinations.


At this point in the game, you are going to be by the lockers and attempting to open the padlocks. There will be notes lying around the floor. The first locker that you will be able to unlock will be that of Jackson’s.

Jackson’s combination is actually his employee id which you will find in one of the notes lying around.


Figuring out Harding’s combination will be a little bit tricky. When you open Jackson’s locker, you will find some sort of guide book for filling up employee data sheet. You will want to find Harding’s employee data similar with Jackson’s.

To do this navigate the file sorter and input all the necessary information pertaining to Harding, from the notes on the floor, to his appearance on the framed portrait, and then some other cards that you will easily find in the room.

If you have done this successfully, you will obtain Harding’s employee data and that will give you his employee id. This is the combination of Harding’s locker.

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