Trying to see how the locker combination works in the Reception Lobby Room in Escape Memoirs – Mini Stories? Check out this guide!

Escape Memoirs – Mini Stories is a great first person POV jail escaping game. Here, you will be presented with a ton of obstacles and puzzles that you need to solve on your own if you want to escape prison and enjoy freedom. The Locker in the Reception Room is the puzzle that you will encounter at the end of the game.

This guide will show you how to solve the locker puzzle in the Reception Room in Escape Memoirs – Mini Stories.

Reception Lobby Locker Guide – Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories

Once you make your way down to the reception room, you will see a locker that is locked and has a puzzle for you to solve on your right side.

Interact with the lock and you will see a bunch of colored lights that will turn on and off. To save you some time, you will need to set up this specific pattern of the lock to unlock the locker itself.

With the locker unlocked, you can now grab the key for the Reception Lobby desk and continue solving more puzzles!

We hope this guide helped you and saved you some time in Escape Memoirs – Mini Stories.

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